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Flint's Footgolf World Champion!

Published: 12/04/2016

It's not often that you take up a new sport; do it for just six months and then not only get to represent your country at the 2016 world cup, but end up finishing a very respectable joint 20th out of the 230 competitors.

Well, this is exactly what Steve Baker, our Marketing Manager, has just done in the (almost) new sport of footgolf. And yes, footgolf is exactly as it sounds – you kick a standard size 5 football around an 18-hole course and try to land it in the hole by taking as fewer kicks as possible. Naturally the holes (or cups being the correct term) are bigger at 21” diameter and unlike football it's more of a summer time sport with the official season running from March to October. Whilst you might not have heard of footgolf, 50,000 people per week, in the UK, are actually playing it. The UK currently has more than 220 footgolf courses, with new ones opening all the time.

Good old Wikipedia informs us that the first nine-hole footgolf tournament took place in the Netherlands in 2008; played by a mix of Dutch and Belgian professional footballers. The sport was introduced to Argentina in 2010 and the American Footgolf League was founded in 2011. Footgolf has been played in the UK for about two years now and we have both men's and women's leagues. As a sport it appears to have really captured the imagination of those who've played it, Nick Akerman in an article for Bleacherreport.com tells us:

“It's an emotional game. One where every missed shot will feel like you should have done better. Like a misplaced pass in football, simple putts can easily trickle agonisingly wide, even if you've made that shot a million times before. Newcomers will likely power their way down the first hole (I sure did), before realising delicacy is key.

“After making the obvious mistakes, it quickly became apparent this is a thinking player's game. Subtle bumps must be weighed up, as should the weather, which has the potential to wreak havoc if the wind sets in. There are no gimmes in Footgolf; if your ball lands in the trees, among a rubble of sticks, you've still got to play the shot.”

Steve Baker certainly extols the virtues of footgolf telling us that it requires all the marvellous ball skills and control that produce the same utter joy of football, but thankfully without the crippling tackles.

Steve's world cup experience took place at the start of the year on January 6-10 in Argentina, this was the second footgolf world cup; 26 countries each took a team of 16 players to the three day tournament. The United States were the eventual winners, with the UK reaching 4th place being beaten in the semi-finals by Argentina.

Naturally we are very proud of Steve's meteoric rise to fame in the footgolf world and Flint is happy to provide the annual sponsorship support that he needs to continue competing in this new sport. As expected Steve is very busy practising, trying to build on his current achievements. We think that being ranked ninth in the UK after only six months play is pretty good going – well done from all the team at Flint Steve!

Steve's has just represented the UK in Eurofootgolf in Deauville on 15 April; he secured his place by finishing in the UK's top eight during the world cup.

This link says a bit more about Steve – but also provides details for those who want to know more about the sport in the UK, with information about courses in your area, plus rules of play etc.


Steve Baker is Flint's Marketing Manager, he and his team work very hard creating business leads and then liaise with other departments within Flint to ensure that from initial client contact, to our client receiving a quotation is a seamless process. This helps Flint maintain quality control to create a positive relationships and excellent service right from the off.

Steve comments:

“Insurance is a changing and responsive business; new insurers, better cover and products come into the market all the time, so it’s the job of me and my team to make sure commercial enterprises know about all such opportunities and can take advantage of them. “

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