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The claims column

Published: 12/04/2016

Richard Naylor, Motor Fleet Claims & Risk Management

Richard is the Flint Motor Fleet Claims and Risk Management expert; he and his dedicated team handle claims to ensure the best possible outcomes for our customers. Through our partners he controls a 400 strong garage network who maintain market leading service levels to keep client vehicle ‘off road’ times to the absolute minimum. Richard is passionate about improving client's claims records, to reduce both frequency and cost of claims.

Contact: Richard Naylor, tel 0345 371 1483 or email: richardnaylor@flintinsurance.co.uk

In this issue:Whose money are they spending?

When managing the claims process it's important that all parties understand their role; we call it the tripartite relationship (you, us and insurer) – you will hear us talk about this a lot.

An important part of your role is to make sure that you report claims immediately. This way insurers have the chance to deal with and contain third party costs. One of the biggest factors in calculating premiums is previous performance of that risk, including claims history. Every pound spent on claims invariably equals more premiums, especially when these are represented by outstanding reserves (payments expected, but not yet settled to third parties). Just one of the responsibilities undertaken by Richard and his team is to ensure that our insurers are fulfilling their part of the tripartite relationship. Already Richard and his team have managed to remove many costs in the form of incorrect reserves or badly managed claims.


Our philosophy is simple - reduce the risk of claims and ensure you have the right insurance plans in place, backed by an insurer who can deliver on their promises. When claims happen report them quickly and help us keep all costs to a minimum.

In future editions we will talk about such things as cameras, Telematics, etc. and show you genuine case studies where we have reduced claims and saved clients serious money.

Jim Tuhey, Commercial Claims & Risk Management

Jim Tuhey is our commercial (non-motor) claims and risk management expert; he a former loss assessor who has been dealing with claims large and small on behalf of many customers for over 30 years. He has built up a formidable network of contacts, with suppliers and insurers and a large number of the claims community.

Having seen first-hand the devastation that can be caused by a large loss in a company there is no better person to sit with business owners and discuss their insurance and risk management planning as he translates his real time experience into insurance strategy.

Much of Jim’s day-to-day is spent ensuring we achieve the most advantageous settlements for our clients, using the full breadth of their policy cover.

In the coming newsletters, Jim will tell you about his experiences, current market trends and new industry developments.

Contact Jim Tuhey, tel 0344 247 7361 or email: jimtuhey@flintinsurace.co.uk

Aviva Claims Board

The Aviva Claims Board is a relatively new initiative set up by this major insurer to provide an on-going review of all matters relating to claims. Made up of Aviva executives and representatives from 14 external UK insurance brokers, the board meets for a full day, three times a year. Jim Tuhey, Flint's resident commercial claims & risks management expert was one of the first UK insurance brokers to be invited.

Jim Tuhey comments “I was delighted to be invited to sit on the Aviva Claims Board; this industry led think-tank enables each of us to add our particular technical expertise around the often complex and difficult area of claims. It's imperative that we work in close partnership with insurers to give our clients the best possible claims experience. Sharing knowledge and experience with our peers provides practical advice and discussion so that we can all manage claims better. That Flint has been selected and recognised in this way is a testament to the importance we place on claims handling and effective risk management.”

Outside of the Aviva Claims Board, we continue to work closely with them on a day-to-day basis; particularly their in-house building survey team. Jim Tuhey's specialist experience in building and construction enables him to match their knowledge, but as the Flint client's advocate.

Claims Case Study

Flint Client – A National Retailer with stores nationwide

Insured Event – Serious Fire at a Central London location

Upon notification Flint Commercial Director, David Taylor and claims specialist, Jim Tuhey were on-site within two hours. They used their expert knowledge to quickly assess the situation and swiftly mobilise insurers to instruct their forensic team. Jim then dealt directly with loss adjusters and used his experience to consider the loss as our client's representative.

The next job was to liaise with our client to provide clear instructions on what action they could take, whilst protecting their insurance position, i.e. maintenance of physical evidence; stock disposal etc. Jim Tuhey used his specialist knowledge on post-fire project management to work with clearance teams; shop fitters and protect managers to ensure that the outlet could return to normal function as quickly as possible. Perhaps more importantly he was also able to give clear guidance on costings and timings.


Swift intervention from Flint and on-going support made sure that the client returned to normal trading in time for the crucial Christmas period. Where monthly turnover is in excess of £100,000 significant cost savings were made by our immediate action.

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