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Telemetry Product for Commercial Vehicle Fleets

Published: 01/11/13

New Telemetry Product for Commercial Vehicle Fleets

At Flint we’re happiest when introducing new products to our clients and our latest is particularly exciting – offering telemetry or black box insurance for vehicle fleets.

Every business is under pressure to reduce costs and this is particularly relevant to those operating vehicle fleets where rising operating costs see no sign of slowing down. This new insurance product incorporating vehicle telemetry offers a real chance to promote best driving practice; putting fleet managers firmly in control, with the ultimate aim of reducing insurance premium costs.

Telemetry involves fitting a small inexpensive device into each vehicle that continuously monitors every driver; it triggers an alert should an accident occur and provides video footage of individual incidents.

Driver behaviour monitoring
The telemetric unit includes a GSM modem, GPS receiver and 3-axis accelerometer. It collates data from these practices to produce a score on

  1. Driver speed (both speed limits & over speed)
  2.  Driver acceleration
  3.  Driver braking
  4.  Driver score reporting
  5.  Instant alerting


A score from 100 is calculated for each parameter; lower scores indicate a poor driving performance and fleet managers (or designated person) are sent an instant alert for any driver under with a score of under 90. Individual scores can be used to help drivers improve their performance. You get a driver score report every day, at the end of every week and a monthly summary.

As reported in the last issue of this newsletter, smooth acceleration and braking, together with speed restrictions can all have a positive impact on fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear. We are aware that of one of the major security companies has saved around £800,000 by using this type of data to simply amend their vehicle routes.

The software is a live internet based system, which means that all information can be collated at any point. This also means that vehicles can be tracked live as the system updates every 2 minutes. Similarly should a theft occur it can be tracked to an almost precise location.

Accident reporting
Should your driver be involved in an accident the system will produce a report that shows:

  1. Point of incident on vehicle
  2.  Speed in which it was travelling before & after the incident
  3.  Direction vehicle was travelling
  4.  Date/time
  5.  G-Force at point of incident


The system alerts both the operator and the insurance company to the incident and perhaps more importantly it gives sufficient data to challenge false claims, including those for vehicle damage and personal injury such as whiplash.


Costs are £6+ VAT per tracker, per month; the insurer will pay for installation of trackers at policy inception. However, any mid term changes will need to be paid for by you – current costs to install a tracker mid-term are £40 + VAT, plus mileage at 60p per mile. If you wish to remove a tracker from a vehicle and put it into a new one the cost is £60 + VAT plus mileage of 60p.
If you are interested in having this level of information and control over your fleet contact Ian Leigh on 0845 371 0769; Ian can generate an insurance quotation and answer any specific questions that you may have about how it works. Ian can also be emailed: ianleigh@flintinsurance.co.uk.


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