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I walked across an empty land

Published: 23/12/13

I walked across an empty land
I knew the pathway like the back of my hand
I felt the earth beneath my feet
Sat by the river and it made me complete

Who knew that a 2004 song (or “forgotten indie ballad” as described by one journalist) by Keane; arguably a somewhat mediocre ‘rock’ band would reach the number one spot for Lilly Allen. For anyone who hasn’t seen the overtly sentimental, but terribly sweet advert (and if you haven’t you must have been in the bear’s cave) features the bear and his friend the hare, who finally get to share Christmas because of a well bought John Lewis gift. John Lewis must be pleased as it’s already being hailed as the most talked about Christmas advert. Data supplied to Campaign by Outbrain, a content discovery platform, showed there were 87 stories about John Lewis’ Christmas ad, "the bear and the hare", published between 1 November and 10 December 2013. As well as the social media mentions and single, there’s the free download, currently at no 7 in the itunes top charts. So, the top marketing question is – will all this exposure lead to a significant sales increase – we shall see?

Morrisons’ Christmas ad featuring the brand ambassadors Ant and Dec was the second most popular, in terms of stories published across the 100,000 sites included in Outbrain’s network, with 21 stories.

Sainsbury’s was third – with their 12 stories “The Moments that Make Christmas” showing scenes that will resonate with many of us and ending on the tear jerking surprise return of a daddy from Afganistan. The Sainsbury’s ad, which was the last to launch by the major retailers, had the greatest percentage share of “emotional impact”, with 21% of people tweeting about the ad mentioning crying, compared to 8% for John Lewis. There’s also a ‘dancing’ version of Christmas moments made up of clips sent in by the public – which is really fantastic.

M&S was next, this time featuring one for the girls with gorgeous, male supermodel David Gandy (and believe it or not his preference is for the ladies), this offering was also picked out by marketers as their favourite 2013 Christmas TV ad, ahead of runner-up Sainsbury’s, according to a survey on food retailers’ ads by recruiter EMR.

In terms of on-line mentions then came Asda, Tesco and Boots.

Campaign tell us that “in terms of page views, Asda and Sainsbury’s punched above their weight. There were seven times more stories published about John Lewis than Sainsbury’s, but the upmarket retailer only recorded roughly three times as many page views, at 146,104, compared with Sainsbury’s 49,090.

“Similarly, there were just under 21 times as many stories about John Lewis as there were stories about Asda, but articles about "the bear and the hare" only earned nine times as many page views as those about the supermarket, which got 16,605 clicks.”

When the weather makes it difficult to travel, employers and employees should consider how this could impact on the workplace.

So there you have it – which one was your favourite and does the marketing budget stretch that far


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