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Insurer Led New Health & Safety Programme

Published: 12/04/2016

Incorporated Insurance Group Limited (IIGL) has created a new Health & Safety On-line Support Programme especially for their small-to-medium sized clients. Designed to help businesses comply with health and safety requirements, human resource legislation and regulations this accessible and easy to use site covers five key areas of business management:

Health & Safety

– Users can undertake health & safety self-assessment – supported by all the documentation required to create correct working practices, whilst offering specific advice for numerous trades.

Human Resource

– Downloadable templates for employment contracts, appraisals and staff handbooks, but also additional support with advice and guidance on general HR issues.

Disaster Recovery

– Provides the tools to create a robust Continuity Plan, with the facility to load it onto IIGLwebsite to isolate it from the businesses' own IT structure.

Driving Risk

– Functionality to create a database of all employees who drive for work, enabling administration to track employees and their vehicles, ensuring compliance with current Health & Safety regulations.

Ask The Expert

– In addition to the programme, IIGL has amassed a team of Health & Safety consultants, who, at the click of a button can provide an email based response to difficult issues that cannot be accommodated on the site.

IIGL hope that the site will enable all members:

  • To create or improve business practices within their working environment
  • To ensure understanding and compliance with current legislation
  • To actively manage processes and the working environment for the benefit of staff and visitors
  • To help demonstrate effective risk and staff management to their insurer thereby aiding the purchase of Liability Insurance and promote a comfortable and informed working environment

Written in plain English, this simple one-shop-stop is designed to help business executives to understand and manage their workplaces confidently and effectively. We understand from the insurers that they have enjoyed a high take-up and it is already proving to be an invaluable resource for businesses with high usage for disaster recover plans and much of the HR support material.

Flint Insurance has been particularly gratified by the increased interest in Health and Safety products. The uptake by our clients of systems such as the one provided by IIGL shows us that there is a genuine need for this type of service within the market. At Flint Insurance we have a wide and varied panel of insurers, including a number of Health and Safety products, which means that we can create your own personal insurance program that incorporates additional support services as required.

Health and Safety and Insurance arrangements are inherently linked, so if there are specific issues that you need assistance with, please contact a member of the Commercial Business team on the following numbers :

James Parrott – 0208 309 3154

Jonathan Garrett – 0208 309 3140

Dawn Charlesworth – 0208 309 3278

Samera Akhtar – 0208 309 3437

Charlie Woodcock – 0208 309 3296

Common areas of discussion are; Disaster Recovery, Staff & HR issues, Risk Assessments, Staff Handbooks and Pro-active planning around Driving, Accidents etc. Flint Insurance are Commercial Business Insurance and Risk Management experts; if you have any requirements in any of these areas speak to one of our advisers today.

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