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Getting into Pinterest?

Published: 21/02/14

Have you considered Pinterest for your business? The mere mention of social media has the ability to frighten, enrage or simply turn some business owners off, however we all want and need to promote our product or service. And even if we don’t utilise every available technique to do this, at the very least it’s important to understand what’s out there and be able to assess its usefulness for our own particular aims.

According to consumer insight firm Semiocast Pinterest has in excess of 70 million users; other sources quote a 60% female bias, covering a good age range - with 80% of users almost evenly spread over ages 25-54. What’s more, over 50% of users have an income of $50,000 or above. Pinterest is currently is credited with being the fastest standalone site in history to cross the 10 million user mark. And as you would expect, all this drives a lot of referral traffic.

So, what is Pinterest?

If for estate agents the mantra is location, location, location, then Pinterest is visual, visual, visual; don’t switch off, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not for you.

Pinterest enables users to create on-line pin boards for their pins. Pins are pictures of such things as - special items that they covet; decorative inspiration to try out; recipes that they fancy; cool places to visit; diy tips to remember; personal pictures uploaded; small garden ideas; modern architecture; instructions on how to build a house etc.

Users create and name their own boards and then populate the boards via on-line searches, or perhaps things seen in a magazine and want to note (by visiting the relevant website) or more importantly have searched or seen within Pinterest itself. This is an important point – users are already treating Pinterest as an online resource in itself, probably because 70 million users equals a lot of data. It is in a visual format – so easy to read; quick to view and take in. So if you are creating content on your website about your products and/or services – make sure at least some of it can be pinned.

Here are some points of note when using Pinterest

  • You can set up a Pinterest business account with logo and your company profile; use key words in your description and link to all other social media channels that you use.
  • Your boards should be engaging; reflective of your brand and relevant to your typical clients. It’s good to have strict criteria for each board so that users easily know what they are getting, and it forces you to be selective about what you pin.
  • Add weblinks to your descriptions. The more information about the source of original pins (preferably your website) the more longevity your pin will have for brand awareness. Use blog postings in conjunction with Pinterest to generate traffic back to your site.
  • Produce good visual content for your website and blog. Get creative; excellent design is paramount; the image you choose can make a very strong impression. Remember 80% of all pins are repins, so tap into the action with your own original content. Images can be: photos, infographics, videos and text. Don’t discount text. A strong statement or idea, in a cool font on a simple background can make a very pinable image.
  • Make sure your own website is Pinterest friendly (Pinterest logo; ability to pin easily)
  • If you’re selling something make pins shopper friendly – type the price into your pin and Pinterest will automatically add a price banner.
  • Where possible brand your pins, particularly if it is original content, e.g. a subtle logo or watermark in the corner of a pic.
  • Consider how and when your own customers use Pinterest and if possible – do it at the same time.
  • Don’t forget the social aspect – comment on and like other pins. Use hashtags (#) to highlight key words. Check repins and say thank you.
  • Track pins from your own site – typing your own URL into Pinterest will show you all the pins/repins made direct from your website.
  • Pin Videos. Video is the most under-pinned visual format on Pinterest, but can be the most engaging. Be one of the first in your niche to use Video.
  • Become the go-to-source for information – this could be tutorials, training, tips and ideas, or even quite complicated instruction in the form of how to do.
  • Don’t just self-promote; balance your own content with the content of others. Showcase the lifestyle/beliefs/interests behind your brand, as well as your products and services.
  • Balance Pinterest content with other SEO activity on your site.

At the end of January Pinterest launched a new feature called Interests – which is really Pinterest’s version of suggested content. This is based specifically on what a user has already pinned. As yet it doesn’t have a massive ‘marketing’ impact, but it does give more detail about users and what they want to see.

Some of the content from this post came from this article – so please read if you want to explore Pinterest some more http://www.amyporterfield.com/2012/06/the-10-commandments-of-using-pinterest-for-business/

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