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Easy rider with Lightfoot

Published: 29/03/18

Easy rider with Lightfoot

Flint partner insurer Allianz has renewed their collaboration with Lightfoot (the “sweet spot” driving proponent) to continue their successful 'Lightfoot Fleet Driver of the Week' programme.

The Lightfoot system connects to your vehicle in order to help you find that driving “sweet spot” and ultimately promote a more efficient driving experience. According to Allianz “their genius dashboard device encourages safer and more fuel-efficient driving.”

The following information about Hughes was written by them and we think it gives more detail about how the Lightfoot system can benefit fleet owners.

Hughes, the country's fourth-largest specialist electrical retailer and the second largest provider of home entertainment and kitchen appliance rentals, has appointed Lightfoot to install its trail-blazing in-cab driver coaching device across its fleet of 200 vans and 20 cars. The announcement follows a successful trial during which Lightfoot reduced the most inefficient driver behaviour by 75% and led to fuel savings of almost 7%.

Mark Coleby, Service Director at Hughes, commented:

Lightfoot was recommended to us by Activa, from whom we lease our fleet of cars and vans, consisting of Ford Transit and Vauxhall Movano vehicles. They outlined a host of Lightfoot’s benefits including its ability to help us to meet our occupational road risk management obligations at the same time as cutting overall costs to the business.

"We’d previously used a traditional telematics solution that provided reports, but failed to deliver sustainable improvements in driving habits. Once Activa explained the principle of how Lightfoot helps drivers consistently find the ‘sweet spot’ of the engine through real-time audio and visual feedback in-cab, we wanted to find out more.

"Following a meeting with Martin Kadhim of Lightfoot, who explained how its device guides drivers to a smoother, more efficient style of driving, and provides driver incentives and rewards for those achieving their company KPIs, we agreed to trial the device in 10 vans as well as my car. This was part funded by Allianz, our insurer and a Lightfoot partner. We also implemented our own incentive scheme whereby all drivers achieving above the Activa KPI threshold would be entered into a draw to win Tesco Vouchers.

"The impact was instant and impressive. As soon as we had the first report we could see the immediate improvement from our drivers. One of our worst drivers transformed overnight and now regularly rates as our second most efficient driver. Importantly, all our drivers bought into the concept of being better, smoother drivers; they like the way the device guides them, putting them in control and they enjoy the competitive aspect of Lightfoot.

"Having calculated the potential fuel savings, it was clear to us that Lightfoot more than paid for itself, even before you take into account reductions in vehicle wear and tear and potential savings in insurance premiums due to reductions in accidents. Add on top of that the simple reporting system and the fact that Lightfoot offers tracking as well as all the telematics elements of our previous solution, and the decision to install Lightfoot became very simple."

Martin Kadhim, Director at Lightfoot, commented:

“Through our relationship with Activa, we were introduced to Hughes. They’d had traditional telematics for several years, but the impact was very limited. They wanted more and on Activa’s suggestion, were keen to give Lightfoot a go. They saw an immediate change in driving styles in the trial and consequent savings in fuel."

Jonathan Dye, Head of Motor Insurance at Allianz added: 

“Our support for the Hughes trial is part of our ongoing commitment to using new technologies that help our customers improve driver safety while reducing their operating costs. Running a safe and cost-effective fleet is crucial to maintaining a profitable business, which is why more and more companies are investing in risk management initiatives, such as Lightfoot, to help manage their fleets."

Having proven itself in the trials, Lightfoot will now be rolled out across the Hughes fleet over the coming weeks, helping to cut fuel costs and harmful emissions, while delivering longer-term benefits including lower vehicle maintenance costs and reduced accident rates.

In addition to its own incentive scheme for its drivers, Hughes will automatically be entered into the Allianz-sponsored Lightfoot Fleet Driver of the Week initiative, which gives fleet drivers achieving its 'Elite Driver' status the opportunity to win a host of prizes, such as supercar track days or gadgets like the Amazon Echo.

More about Lightfoot

The Lightfoot system, developed in association with leading driver psychology experts from Bath University, has been designed to encourage and reinforce positive driving behaviour. Lightfoot continually corrects the driver in real-time, without the need for retrospective data analysis and resource-heavy manager input.

Its creators tell us that Lightfoot results in calmer, steadier and less stressed drivers who have fewer collisions. The staff driver can control the information seen by their management by correcting poor driving practice before anything is reported back to base. Lightfoot also enables the creation of league tables and competitions, like the programme sponsored by Allianz at the start of this piece, so good driving can be further recognised and rewarded. As well as exclusive driver coaching Lightfoot does everything that you would expect from normal tracking and telematics.

Lightfoot says that typical annual savings per vehicle* are fuel savings of £670; 60% accident reduction and CO2 savings of 1,200KC.

Managing Risk

At Flint we support any initiative that contributes to better road safety and would always encourage our clients to explore every possible option available to them. As technology continues to develop at alarming rates it's important for all of us to re-evaluate our processes and practices.

Any fleet owner manager who would like help and advice on risk management or help with claims should call Richard Naylor on 0345 371 1483.

*based on data for a van with an initial fuel efficiency of 26mpg driving 25,000 miles per annum.


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