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Claims Handling Counts

Published: 11/10/2017

Claims Handling Counts

At Flint Private Clients we pretty much work with every available high value insurer. Of these Hiscox is a well known premium brand and a top insurer for this type of cover. Whilst high net worth insurance is usually a bespoke policy that is bought via the advice from an insurance broker, some people still question whether a more expensive policy from the likes of Hiscox represents good value. We think the following claims examples go some way to explain how this premium insurer operates, because you only know how good your insurance is when you need to make a claim.


Mum and her MacBook

The Claim

The insured left her MacBook in the lounge with her children whilst she went into the kitchen to prepare the family dinner. When she came back into the room she noticed the laptop was not working and it appeared her young children had spilt a drink on it.

The Hiscox response

It was clear from the initial call that the insured was very upset about the damage, as stored on the MacBook were videos of her late father. No further copies of these videos were available. Given the circumstance, Hiscox arranged for CATS (one of their computer specialists) to collect the damaged MacBook and recover the videos for her. This was despite her initial fears that the MacBook was damaged beyond repair. The insurers were also able to deliver the insured a brand new MacBook along with the recovered videos.

What the customer said

“This was quite sensitive, my father died on Christmas day and I was the only member of the family to have videos of him. My children will now grow up without any grandparents and because they are young, 2 and 4, they will forget him in time. This was stored on this particular laptop so you can imagine how devastated we were when it got damaged. I was really impressed with how we were treated and the solutions that were presented to us. They used a great company - the chap I spoke to was so reassuring and kind, as was the Hiscox representative. When they rang and said that they were able to recover the videos we were over joyed. Couldn’t have been happier, the children will now have a memory of his voice. That is priceless to us and we can’t thank you enough.”

Kitchen Leak

The Claim

The insured unfortunately experienced a leak from their hot water feed which was located underneath the kitchen floor. The Hiscox Field Claims Team attended site and confirmed the damage was fairly significant, and required extensive work to be completed on their kitchen. The initial recommendation would usually be for the insured to move into alternative accommodation whilst the work was completed. However the insured suffered from a disability which meant they were not very mobile, therefore moving away from their home was not a preference.

The Hiscox response

Hiscox contacted The Temporary Kitchen Company to discuss our insured’s needs. They were able to supply the client with a temporary kitchen, set up inside their home with full kitchen functionality. This meant the insured was able to remain at home for the duration of the works.

US/UK residents

The Claim

In this case the insured resides half their time in the USA and half in the UK. Whilst they were in the USA a leak appeared in their UK apartment, which emanated from a pipe located on the ground floor. Damage was sustained to the buildings and the insured’s contents. The insured’s contents were insured elsewhere.

The Hiscox response

Hiscox quickly contacted the insured’s contents insurance company to ask them to immediately remove the heavily saturated contents, to allow drying to begin in the home and avoid further damage due to delay. We were able to dry the full ground floor, including the high specification shower room. This saved the customer from further disruption, which was important as they were looking to then sell the property.

Buying your insurance via Flint means dedicated help and advice to select the best policy for your needs and ongoing support throughout the life of that policy. In the event of a claim Flint always works hand-in-hand with the insurer to ensure the best possible outcome for our client, with the least amount of stress. 

To discuss your insurance requirements with a high net worth specialist call Mike Nightingale at Flint Private Clients on 0208 309 3434.


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